What are Blinker Fluids? | Are They Real?

If you have been on the internet and not living under the rocks for several years, you probably have heard about Blinker Fluids.

Blinker Fluid has been used so many times that many people started believing it and enthusiasts started getting confused about it.

Well worry not enthusiasts, 4WheelersClub will take away your confusion for you.

In this article, we will explore the origins, reality, and truth behind our mystical blinker fluid lore.

What is Blinker Fluid?

Blinker fluid myth

Before we start our article, let’s understand what it is. According to our so-called car experts, blinker fluid is something that is required to keep your turn signals working efficiently.

It’s nothing but a myth, trust me. A fluid to keep the lights working? Sounds bizarre, right? That’s because it is.

The internet is full of millions of myths but blinker fluid stands out as many car enthusiasts believed it and started making videos on it.

Origin Of Blinker Fluid Myth

Many factors led people to believe that Blinker Fluid might be a real thing. Let’s discuss some of those things.

Memes and Pranks

Every trend and myth starts from the internet nowadays and blinker fluid is no exception. It started as a joke but reached a younger audience and they started making memes and pranking their girlfriends.

This led to the popularization of Blinker Fluid. Dads started telling their daughters to go pick up blinker fluids from auto shops and bf’s started pranking their girlfriends about it.

Trends On Social Media

Soon, this trend took on tik tok and you know how it works. Everybody was recording the prank and popularizing it but still many people believed that this might be real.

Is Blinker Fluid Real?

The short answer is – No, it is not real. Blinker Fluid is a meme often used to prank someone who knows little about cars or to test the knowledge of someone.

Girls often fall victim to these pranks but let’s not genderise this thing. There are incidents where boys are also not immune to these pranks.

The overall concept of blinker fluid is absurd. A fluid required for the functioning of your blinkers?

Car blinkers are electrical components, not hydraulic components. They run on electricity provided by the batteries of the car.

Hydraulic components are suspensions that require a hydraulic fluid for its proper functioning. That is why the concept of blinker fluid is nonsense.

So, if you are someone who has been pranked or you were thinking of going to an auto shop to buy some blinker fluid, now you know.

Where Can I Buy Blinker Fluid?

If you want to buy a fake blinker fluid, a quick Google search is the way to go. You can find blinker fluids being sold on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and many more e-commerce platforms.

You will find a scary clown gift or a bottle filled with some sort of fluid which in most cases is water.

It was fun watching these gigs selling fake blinker fluids as the descriptions were hilarious. Go ahead and see for yourself.

Essential Fluids You Car Needs

There are a total of 4 main fluids that are required for the proper functioning of your car.

Here are them:

  1. Engine Oil
  2. Brake Fluid
  3. Coolant
  4. Transmission and Hydraulic Fluids

Of course, there are more fluids which are required for our modern cars but these 4 are common in absolutely every model you will see with four wheels.

1. Engine Oil

This is by far the most important fluid for your engine health and often the most ignored fluid too. Many owners don’t take care of their engines as much as required.

If you want to enhance your engine life and don’t want to wait for a mechanic in the middle of nowhere, then make sure to properly change engine oils every 1000-5000 miles depending on your model.

2. Brake Fluid

Brake Fluids are critical for braking systems. They are required for proper transfer of force making your vehicle stop efficiently.

If your pedals are acting weird and you are getting little or no response from pressing the brakes then you should have your fluid checked.

3. Coolant

Our next important fluid is coolant, sometimes also referred to as an antifreeze. The purpose of this fluid is to monitor heat and provide anti-freezing properties.

Coolant prevents excessive heat damage to your engine, which has to withstand extreme temperatures regularly.

4. Transmission and Hydraulic Fluids

The main functions of transmission fluid are to facilitate smooth gear changes, transmission fluid lubricates and cool the transmission components.

Hydraulic fluids are required for the proper functioning of your suspensions or you will be having an off-roading experience in plain roads. Not to mention the after-effects of it.

5. Windshield Washer Fluid

Not necessary but this is worth mentioning.

While not directly related to blinkers, this fluid aids visibility by keeping your windshield clean—a crucial safety aspect.


So, did we clear your misconception of Blinker Fluid? Let us know in the comments. Blinker fluid is a completely nonsensical term used to prank people who know little about 4 Wheels but not 4WheelersClub readers.

So, the next time someone refers to blinker fluid, make sure you refer them to this article. Special thanks to Wrench for the resources.

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Is blinker fluid real?

No, blinker fluid is a myth and is often used to prank people with no or less car knowledge.

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