Car With Key Symbol on Dashboard Nissan

If you are a proud owner of Nissan then you probably have seen a car with a key symbol on the dashboard of your Nissan.

Based on the circumstance, a dashboard or instrument cluster warning light can signal a major issue.

4WheelersClub is going to uncover what is the meaning of this sign and what should be done.

This article will guide you through all the details you require about the common dashboard light.

What Does Car with Key Symbol on Dashboard Nissan Mean?

Car With Key Symbol on Dashboard Nissan

The car that has the Key inside sign Nissan on the dashboard is a Security indicator lamp. The warning light for keys assures that the security systems are working properly.

If the key isn’t placed in its ignition lock in the proper position, and the light for the key blinks, then the alarm system and the immobilizer are most likely working.

Simply put your finger on the car’s red color on the dashboard Nissan will signal it is it is operating the security system against theft is working or that there is any issue.

The malfunction indicator light will flash when the engine ignition is switched to OFF or AUTO ACC Lock positions.

There’s no need to worry in the event that the security light is illuminated in the dashboard when the engine of the vehicle is off and you are able to start your vehicle easily.

On the other hand, if you notice that the car key symbol on the dashboard Nissan is constantly flashing it is an indication of something wrong with your car.

Why Do the Lighting on the Key Signal Keep Changing On The Dashboard Nissan?

car with key symbol on dashboard

Let’s say you’re in a car with the key symbol on the dashboard Nissan continues to flash non-stop and this could be a sign of the following issues.

Malfunction Immobilizer System

If the light that is red on the dashboard Nissan stays on, regardless of whether your ignition switch is ON or not,

It means that the Nissan Immobilizer System has stopped functioning correctly.

The flashing red light could be an indication that your vehicle might not be able determine its primary.

A lot of transponder keys depend on an insignificant battery to relay their security codes to immobilizer of the vehicle.

So, if your vehicle isn’t able to recognize its key, as it does when your key fob doesn’t unlock your vehicle replace the battery on your key fob.

So, issues with immobilizers are able to be solved. Be cautious when replacing the failed battery to prevent damaging the chip that controls the transponder.

Problem with Anti-Theft System

If you attempt to start your vehicle and the car’s key symbol on the dashboard Nissan Rogue blinks but the engine doesn’t start, it may be an issue with theft prevention.

The system might not be able to recognize your keys. The wiring the keyless entry system and anti-theft sensors could all be the cause.

If your car is equipped with an electronic key fob that is smart, it’s likely that the battery has died or the chip has malfunctioned, which prevents the anti-theft device from detecting it.

In this situation it is recommended that you take your vehicle to a repair shop to resolve the issue as quickly as you can.

How to Repair The Car That Has Key symbol On Dashboard?

Here are 4 methods to combat the constantly blinking Nissan dash light car that comes with a key:

  1. You can park the car, and then try lock and unlocking the car several times. This is usually able to fix the issue caused by the dash’s blinking keys.
  2. Try starting the ignition several times.
  3. If none of these methods are able to disable the security light flashing It is recommended to test using a different car key. If the new key works to start your vehicle, then the key that you previously used may not work properly.
  4. If you suspect that there’s an immobilizer or anti-theft system issue Switch off your car for a few seconds after it has started. Your buddy will stop starting.

It is recommended that you take it repaired immediately in this situation. Find additional information in this article about the reasons why cars don’t start when they turn off.


You now know what is the car with the key symbol on the dashboard Nissan is a reference to. We hope you find our solution useful.

Be aware of the symbols on your dashboard as they will let you know when something is wrong in your vehicle.

In this way, you will avoid any potential damages to your vehicle, keeping it in good condition and keeping you safe while driving.

If you experience any of these issues Do not be hesitant to go to an auto repair shop.

The mechanic will make use of tools to diagnose the issue as quickly as it is possible.

FAQ Section

Can I Drive With the Nissan Key Symbol On The Dash Always On?

The answer is not. If the dashboard indicator flashes only for just a few seconds after you start the engine, it signifies that the right key was turned on, and you are able to operate as usual.

However in the event that the car is unable to recognize the key and the car that has a Key sign Nissan will flash repeatedly. Then the engine won’t be started, rendering you ineligible to operate the vehicle.

How Do I Switch Off The Anti-Theft System?

You can use an unlock feature on your remote keys to disable the anti-theft feature of your car. The key can be used to unlock the door of the driver and then switch the ignition switch’s settings in the direction of “on”.

If this method isn’t working, Lock the parking brake and get out of the car, open all the windows, then secure the door of the driver by using the key.

Try another key if the dashboard security light is not turning off and you are unable to begin the vehicle.

It’s a red car. red car bearing the key symbol Nissan usually signifies that the vehicle is no longer accepting keys you’re carrying. Therefore, it could be possible to resolve the issue replacing it with a different one.

Find a reliable mechanic who can help you identify the issue and re-programme the anti-theft system when a second key isn’t working while the light for security visible.

Can Anti-Theft Stop The Automobile From Its Engine

The short answer is yes. The purpose of this system is to safeguard your vehicle from theft, and it’s not surprising that the car won’t begin to start when this system is running.

How does the anti-theft device operate? The system shuts off the engine to ensure that the vehicle can’t be started using hot wiring or using the clone key.

In addition, it activates the alarm in cars to alert neighbors in the area when a burglary occurs.

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