Why Is My Power Window Not Working On Passenger Side?

What happens when you find out that you have a power window not working on passenger side?

Well, don’t panic. 4WheelersClub has got your back.

The power window not working will affect the aerodynamics of the car and the people sitting inside will experience strong winds and other stuff too.

Don’t worry, 4WheelersClub is going to address this problem for you. 

This article will help discover the reason why cases are stalled and provide the most efficient solutions to this problem.

What Do Power Windows Work?

power windows not working on passenger side

There are two kinds of casements for cars: electric and manual. Each has its distinct parts and operating mechanisms.

Here is a description of their role. The car utilizes a component called a regulator that adjusts the cases inside channels.

Modern models of power casements used in luxurious automobiles are frameless. They can quickly move up or down by at least 1/4 inch whenever the doors are open.

The process takes only about a minute before the doors close.

The most significant drawback to electronic windows is that the monitoring systems could occasionally be out of commission. 

Additionally, the regulator would become stuck in a flash.

Reasons Behind Power Window Not Working On Passenger Side

power window not working on passenger side

1. The Lock Button is On

It’s hilarious to discover that many drivers fail to turn off the lock button while they have passengers in their vehicles. 

This issue is due to the principles that govern the power door locks.

The lock-out switch on the door on the driver’s side has the most precise control over other cases.

When the button for the vehicle is pressed it will result in the other driver power window switch not functioning.

This means that it is the case that the window for power on the passenger’s side of the vehicle will not be able to move.

2. Broken Regulator

As we have mentioned the need for a regulator is to move the power windows. 

Therefore, if you have a power window not working on passenger side or driver side, the window will remain where it is no matter what you do.

The main cause of this issue is the disconnect from the regulator for windows and the cable. 

In some instances, the cable may be pulled off or wind up incorrectly.

3. Broken Window Motor

The electric motor can have a significant influence on the operation of the power windows. 

The gear on the back of this device is connected to the regulator to ensure steady movement.

Users must push the button on the door to start the motor. If this component is defective or overheated, the controller isn’t working. 

This means that the electronic windows will become stuck.

4. Good Fuse Boxes

If all the passenger windows stop, the fuse of the regulators might cause problems.

There is no sound emanating from the motor and the glass will not be shaking as a sign that it is moving. 

Furthermore, nothing is going on when pressing one of the four switches.

5. Bad Weather

In the event of bad weather, specifically snow and ice, could be possible to be the reason for your windows not being activated.

The regulator will become worn out faster because of being affected by the freezing condition. 

The window frame and glass may be frozen, which causes it to cease to move in cold temperatures.

If you exert effort to force the regulator to work it is unproductive. 

In reality, electronic casements are hardly intended for the harsh conditions of cold temperatures and freezing. cold weather

6. Probleme with gaskets

The gasket is responsible for securing your car from wind and rain and aligning it correctly.

When the component is damaged or loose or has accumulation, the friction will become higher. In certain situations, the regulator and motor may not be robust enough to withstand the circumstances and make your casement move in the same way as it normally does.

7. Faulty Switch

There’s one part of your front door that you might not be expecting to be responsible for you notice the left side power window does not work. 

It’s the switch.

Normally the glass will move when you push the switch. But, after a prolonged duration of usage, the window switch can become worn out because of the force generated by your fingers.

If there isn’t electricity coming by the defective switch for the motor won’t function in the way you would expect because of the weak connection.

8. Electrical Wiring Issues

A variety of car wires are used to establish connections between your window’s switch as well as the motor. 

While the likelihood of a malfunctioning wire to shut off your windows with electric motors is very low, however, they’re worthy of consideration.

As an example, you were fixing a separate section of your window and you accidentally cut off from one wire.

9. Windows with dirty tracks

The glass is a part of your automobile window’s track. They are made of metal and then placed within the door.

After a long time of usage, the tracks become dirty due to road dirt or mud. This is why the power casement in your vehicle is not functioning properly.

How do I fix the power window on the passenger side? 

How to fix power window not working

Here are some suggestions for you to use:

Instant Repairs

  • Make sure the safety locks are on. Check that the safety locks aren’t on due to an accident. 
    A safety lock that is engaged in your car can result in the left-hand power window stopping working.
  • Examine the electronics. The car casements will move in a controlled manner due to the power within your vehicle. 
    So, the electronics need to be confirmed to be functioning before determining the reason.
  • Blockage check. As we mentioned in the final section, ice that is deposited from the outside may block the glass, and also stick it to the flame. 
    So, get rid of the obstructions and avoid damaging the glass surface.
  • Restart your vehicle. If your situation isn’t related to the above issues, attempt to restart your vehicle. There is a possibility that when you switch off the car and then on the internal electronic components and computer systems will be reset.

Enhanced Repairs

  • The Slamming Door. This method is the answer for windows that aren’t aligned in tracks. 
    First, you must start your car by pressing and pushing the button to rotate the window however you’d like.
    Continue pressing the button to stay inside, then slam the door. Continue to do this for a few times.
  • The glass that is used for palming. If there is debris in the slot for the casement, switch on the engine and then open the doors wide.
    Place yourself at the back of the room so you can hold the glass in your palms. Request another person to push the switch and you must pull the glass at the same time.
  • Striking. The striking method is an alternative to hitting. Hit the center of the door using your fingers from outside. 
    Be careful not to force it too much and stop if your casement is not straight.
  • Doors panel replacement. Another solution when the passenger side power window doesn’t work is to contact a professional mechanic. 
    The professional should remove the panels and determine the cause of the issue.

    In general, a mechanic will loosen at the very least one screw behind the handle’s interior. They can determine obstruction to the gears.


What Time Does It Take to Repair Your Passenger-Side Window?

Fortunately, you don’t have to sit around for hours or even weeks waiting around for a fix regardless of whether the 4 power windows have gone in the order.

There is a minimum of one to two hours on average to diagnose and fix each. This amount of time is sufficient for replacements of both the motor and regulator.

So, if you have to replace four casements it is anticipated to take between four and eight hours.

After determining the problem The mechanic will then give you an estimate of the amount of time required. There are instances in which the mechanic will not let your car out.

What Is It Going to Cost To Repair an Auto Side Window?

Fix a Passenger Side Window

There are a variety of factors that influence the price you pay for power windows repairs.

The cost of a package, which includes diagnostics and repairs, can range from $50 to $200.

If you are looking to repair the motor or regulator it is possible to pay between $400 and $600.

The main factors affecting the cost include the type of car, the year, and the local average rate. It’s cheaper to choose an independently owned shop or chain shop, instead of a dealership.


This is a thorough analysis of the issue with the power window not working on the passenger side and the related issues.

To be honest, based on how severe the problem is, and what the cause of the window that is stuck it is possible to fix it yourself or not.

However, certain methods described in this article could cause physical injuries in the repair process.

For example, your fingers could be stuck between the glass and frames when you perform the palming.

If you are a novice and attempt to repair the problem by yourself at your home, you could end up damaging the vehicle because of the incorrect choice of tools or methods.

If you’re not sure about the purpose of your vehicle and the best method to fix it, you should take it to a mechanic for a safe and secure ride.

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